About Me

I live at a boarding school with my husband who teaches here, my 2 daughters Maddyn and Lydia, and my dogs Puck and Freddy.

I love to be a mom, dance, waterski, swim in the lake, read, and of course make art and precious keepsake jewelry. Some would say I am slightly earthy crunchy, a dreamer, and forever an empath. My main philosophies: I will try anything at least once! & You never know what someone is going through. Everyone has their story, and until you are in their shoes there can be no judgement.

I worked in corporate America for 10 years and drastically switched gears to be home with my children for the last 7. My youngest is venturing off to kindergarten, and I am so excited to take this business further!

When I found this artistic medium, it was truly a calling. Breastfeeding was quite the journey for me, and I love helping other moms and cheering them on. Also, I have had some experiences with grief, loss, and death that truly makes me believe our passed loved ones are still with us. I feel connected with each and every person I am honoring, so the cremation and memorial piece of this business is extremely important to me.  

I want to know your journey, struggles, triumphs, stories, and the memories you hold. I will pour my love and light into each keepsake I create for you to cherish forever.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram @holdyourheart_keepsakes to get to know me better!

Let me hold your heart so you can carry theirs!