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Never hesitate to reach out to me!

What are normal variations in the jewelry?

Everyone's breastmilk and ashes are unique to the person, so your jewelry "stone" color may vary slightly. A natural colored breastmilk stone will often have a grayish tint due to the amount of lipids in the breastmilk. Swirls, dots, and minor variations may naturally occur due to the unique nature of breastmilk. If you would like to make sure your breastmilk stone is a more brilliant white, please let me know in the purchase notes!

Ashes are similar with variations. Some ashes are very fine, others are more textured, some are light, some are dark. I will do any color you want, but the particular ashes do often add something unique to the color, which I think is a very beautiful part of this!

Variations such as small air bubbles within the piece, lines from molding your piece, evidence of hand forming and hand sanding, bead caps not sitting 100% flush, breastmilk flakes and other small imperfections are all within the normal range of handmade jewelry. By purchasing from Hold Your Heart Keepsakes, you understand that your piece will not be 100% “flawless” and that is what makes each piece unique.

Can you include anything besides ashes or breastmilk?

Yes! I can include almost anything as long as it is dry. I have included pieces of a loved one's treasured clothing, sand from a favorite vacation spot, flower petals, hair, a piece of wood from an old boat paddle, and so many more things! A lot of people don't like doing ashes, so we opt for anything else that can be a special piece! Never hesitate to run anything by me, I love hashing things out as part of the creative process!

I also have a wide variety of colors, sparkles, shimmers, and gold, rose gold, and silver flecks.

Can you explain the different choices in metals?

When it comes to jewelry, there are an array of materials that you can choose from. These five materials are some of the most popular choices for our customers: plated, sterling silver, gold filled, solid gold, and stainless steel. Each of these materials has their specific benefits, durability and value.

-All of my plated or gold filled jewelry has a base metal of sterling silver so it is hypoallergenic and good quality

-Almost all of my silver options have a solid gold option as well. Please email me at holdyourheartkeepsakes@gmail.com for specific pricing for solid gold on any of my settings.

Plated Jewelry:

Plated jewelry is a cost-effective option that provides the appearance of the chosen metal, such as gold or silver, without the full price tag. It is made using a base metal, which is coated in a layer of the desired metal. The layer can wear away over time, especially if the piece is worn frequently or exposed to chemicals. Plated jewelry can be prone to chipping.

Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver is a popular choice for those who want affordable yet high-quality jewelry. It is durable, tarnish-resistant, and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for everyday wear.

Gold Filled:

Gold-filled jewelry is a high-quality alternative to solid gold. It is made using a thick layer of gold that is mechanically bonded to a base metal. This process creates a durable and long-lasting piece of jewelry that looks like solid gold but at a fraction of the cost.

Solid Gold:

Solid gold is one of the most precious materials used in jewelry. It is made entirely of gold and is measured in karats (k). The higher the karat number, the purer the gold content, with 24k being 100% pure gold. Solid gold is valuable, durable, and will not tarnish or corrode.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel jewelry has become increasingly popular due to its strength and durability. It's a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies, as it doesn't contain any nickel or other metals that can cause irritation. It's also a great option for those who lead an active lifestyle, as it won't tarnish or corrode.

Each material has its unique properties and price point, so it's essential to consider both before purchasing. We take pride in offering a variety of high-quality jewelry options to meet our customers' needs, so feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

How do I ship my inclusions to you?

Once you have purchased a piece, I will send you a confirmation e-mail with the address to send your ashes, breastmilk, or other inclusions.

You will be responsible for the cost of shipping to me. Please ship your inclusion to me within 4 weeks of your order. I will cover shipping costs back to you!


  • Place completely frozen breastmilk bag into a gallon ziplock, then place that into another gallon ziplock. This will help prevent leaks!
  • Ship in a water proof bubble mailer (UPS and USPS has these available)


  • Place ashes in a sandwich size ziplock and then place that into another one. 
  • Ship in a water proof bubble mailer (UPS and USPS has these available)

All other inclusions:

  • You may package these however you see fit to keep them safe

Should I send anything else with my inclusions?

Please make sure your order number is included. I do love to receive letters, obituaries, pictures, and anything else that can help me connect with your piece. I try to deeply connect with your passed loved one before I begin working on your item. I also love to know what your breastmilk jewelry means to you and love a good breastfeeding or baby picture!

What is your current turnaround time?

12-16 weeks. I custom order each setting due to customization for size and the type of metal you want. Many of the settings are hand crafted by one of the 3 jewelers I use, so I can't start your piece until I receive it from them. 

How much do you need of my inclusion?

(DO NOT send me all of or the last of any of your inclusions. If they get lost in the mail we would feel so horrible.)

1-2 oz of breastmilk

1 teaspoon- 1 tablespoon of ashes/burial dirt/sand

A pinch of hair (5-10 strands)

2-4 flower petals

Fabric a 1-2 inch swatch

One capsule of encapsulated placenta

If you have any questions on this never hesitate to reach out to me!

What if my breastmilk is old or spoiled?

The milk goes through a preservation process and is not being consumed, so almost any milk you have can be used! 

Do you have a return/cancellation policy?

You are able to cancel your order within 24 hours for a 100% refund. You can cancel within 5 days of your order minus a 20% cancellation fee. Orders cannot be cancelled after five (5) days, as we custom order settings and supplies based on your order. Since each piece is custom-made, there are no returns; however, we are happy to work with you upon receipt of your piece if you don't feel it is what you wanted.

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