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Test Settings

Test Settings

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Testing settings gives me the opportunity to work with a setting before I offer them on my website, see what is popularly chosen, as well as take product photos for my website! These are for breastmilk or cremains. 

Once offered these settings will range between $150-$250, so most of these end up being more than %50 off! 

They are all solid 925 sterling silver but I can have them gold plated over the silver, gold filled(thicker than plating and super durable), and solid gold. My jeweler that I work with can do white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold for me.

You are in charge of getting your inclusions to me/shipping your inclusions to me with tracking (shouldn’t be more than $12) and I pay for shipping your piece back to you.

I need 1/2 to 1 oz. of breastmilk. Shipping is easier than you think and you get my address and detailed instructions at purchase.

Testers also need to be OK with me posting the piece on social media and allowing me to take product pictures in case I put it on my website!

Please write in the checkout notes the # of the setting you are interested as well as the ring size if applicable.

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