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The Lucien- Wooden necklaces in 5 colors

The Lucien- Wooden necklaces in 5 colors

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You will receive an email after checking out with instructions on your next steps. I will also reach out to you after I receive your inclusions to finalize your vision with you! 

-In your cart before checkout, please click on "Order Special Instructions" and include if you would like anything else such as hair, encapsulated placenta, umbilical stump, flowers, clothing etc.

-Please tell me your vision for this including color, sparkles, shimmers, gold or silver flecks, and anything else you would like to tell me.

*You are responsible for shipping your inclusions to me and I cover shipping costs when I send your piece back to you. Please also read  the FAQ, Shipping, and policy pages.

25mm round wooden bezel

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